Linda L. Roberts


About Author

Meet the vibrant soul behind the extraordinary tale of “Burnt Offerings” – Linda L. Roberts, the daughter of the remarkable Betty Lou Ross-Hunt herself. Aged 66 and happily married to Dave Roberts, Linda brings a unique perspective to this powerful account. Her roots trace back to the enchanting landscapes of New Meadows, where she grew up in the heart of a logging family. This upbringing in the embrace of nature instilled in her a profound love for the mountains, a passion that still burns brightly within her.

Betty Lou

Linda currently resides in the city of Meridian, Idaho, where she and Dave have carved out a life filled with love, family, and cherished memories. Their son, Timothy, along with his wife Samee, has blessed them with two delightful grandchildren, River, an adventurous 4-year-old, and Quinn, a precocious 2-year-old. The joy of grandparenthood has added a new dimension to Linda’s life, enriching her with the boundless love and innocent laughter of these little ones.

Growing up amidst the rugged beauty of New Meadows, Linda was immersed in a world of fishing by crystal-clear streams, hiking through lush forests, and experiencing the thrill of hunting in the wilderness. These childhood adventures not only fostered a deep appreciation for nature but also sowed the seeds of her storytelling prowess. The echoes of those woodland escapades reverberate through the pages of “Burnt Offerings,” infusing the story with an authenticity that only a true mountain enthusiast can provide.

Linda’s connection to the story goes beyond mere authorship; it’s a deeply personal journey. The tales of bravery and resilience shared by her mother, Betty Lou Ross-Hunt, served as the foundation upon which this narrative was built. The fire that preserved Betty Lou’s letters became the metaphorical spark that ignited Linda’s passion for storytelling. Through her words, Linda not only immortalizes her mother’s legacy but also celebrates the spirit of a community, a generation, and an era.

As you read the book, know that you are delving into more than just historical accounts. You are exploring the memories of a daughter, the echoes of her childhood, and the enduring love she holds for her roots. Linda’s intricate storytelling skillfully blends the elements of history, family, and nature that capture the essence of a time long gone.

Join Linda L. Roberts on this intimate journey into the past, where the adventures of a little girl named Betty Lou Ross echo through generations, leaving a permanent mark on the hearts of readers. Through Linda’s words, the legacy of Betty Lou continues to thrive, reminding us all of the extraordinary power of love, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds that tie us to our past and shape our future.